About Us

Caneast Trading Inc. is a solutions provider for all types of hoses, fittings, fuel-dispensing nozzles, and quick-disconnect coupling related products, exporting these goods from North America globally. With over 18 years of experience, we offer a full-service client experience ensuring our customers are supplied with a thorough and competitive pricing. Our ongoing success can be attributed to our commitment to provide quality products and exceptional service to all our customers around the world.

Caneast Trading Inc. started business in 1995 as a distributor of hydraulic fittings and hose assemblies in Toronto, Canada supplying to the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. It has since become an international company, with an expanding product line-up and an ever-increasing warehouse supply. We continue to be on the forefront of supply through our lasting partnership with a strong network of North American manufacturers, In addition to this existing network, we are continually exploring new horizons and are always searching for new North American suppliers to partner with.

We have an experienced international sales team that is well-versed in a number of languages to best serve our customers’ needs. We make every attempt is to respond to our customers within 24 hours of receipt of an enquiry with a thorough and competitive quote. If you are interested in finding out more about what we do or sourcing an industrial goods product then Contact Us. We look forward to serving you!

Our Vision: 
To be recognized and respected internationally as one of the leading suppliers & service providers to Oil & Gas, Industrial , Marine, Petrochemical, Automotive and Construction industry.
Mission Statement:
To become the world’s leading supplier and source of information related to the transfer of fluids and other materials, through flexible tubes and hoses, fittings, quick disconnect couplings and other connection methods