Nozzles and Fuel Equipment

We carry a broad spectrum of gasoline nozzles, diesel nozzles, swivels, and breakaways. Below is a sample of the products we have available. If you don’t find what you’re looking for below, contact us and we’ll source the items you need.


Automatic Gasoline Nozzles:

The 5-Star is a lightweight automatic gasoline nozzle that is ideal for full and self service locations. On hand hold open clip with patented “kicker” which provides positive clip release with automatic shut off.

5-Star S:
The 5-Star “S” Automatic Gasoline Nozzle which has a pressure activated secondary shut off that prevents the fuel flow until the pumping system is operating and will automatically close when the pump is turned off. The 5-Star “S” is ideal for prepay locations.

Micro-Flo 1000-Unleaded & Leaded:
The Micro Flo 1000 is a classic 1A style gasoline Nozzle that incorporates all of the M. Carder refinements and innovations. The changes over the 30 years of continuous production provide the current model with exceptional performance and reliability.

Farm & Consumer:
The F&C Automatic nozzles are designed for use with small 12 volt and AC utility pumps as well as larger farm and consumer pumps. M. Carder offers three different automatic nozzles to meet the needs of the different installations and operations. The F&C nozzles are based on the standard nozzles with modifications to meet the special requirements of these types of pumps. All of the M. Carder F&C nozzles are equipped with the super strong stamped steel hook. The hook’s unique design allows it to be wedged onto the spout so tight that it will not turn or loosen.


Automatic Diesel Nozzles:

The Fuelmaster is a high flow automatic diesel nozzle designed to meet the higher capacity fueling requirements at high volume truck stops and terminal operations. These nozzles has the traditional rear hold open clip that is preferred by many customers.

MCD & MCDS-High Flow:
The MCD is a high flow automatic diesel nozzle. Ideal for the high volume truck stops and for fast refueling at fleet terminal operations.

Big Mouth Automatic Diesel Nozzle:
The Big Mouth is a lightweight automatic diesel nozzle that meets the fueling needs of many truck stops and other operations at an economical price. Equipped with the traditional rear hold open clip.

Fueler 100™:
Designed for High Volume Fuel Transfer. Typical uses include High Volume Truck Fleet & Bus Terminals, Fuel oil Delivery and Industrial Operations


Swivels & Breakaways:

New Generation of Multi-Plane Swivels:
The construction of our new C1-2013 multi-plane swivel makes a dramatic departure from the standard practice in the industry

Single Plane Swivels – Brass is Best!:
All M. Carder single plane swivels are machined from solid aluminum and brass bar stock. This provides the strongest, the Best and the smoothest surface for the O rings to seal. NO LEAKS. The BRASS male end eliminates galling in aluminum nozzles casting which is a major problem with aluminum swivels adaptors.

The M. Carder swivels are available in sizes to accommodate many fueling requirements from service stations and truck stops to fuel oil delivery, terminals and off road fueling operations.

Breaktime Breakaways:
The Breaktime breakaway coupling provides protection for the dispensing equipment at the service station. In the event of a drive away, the Breaktime breakaway will separate; the check valve in each half will seal instantly and prevent fuel from escaping.

HV Breaktime Breakaways:
The HV Breaktime breakaway couplings were designed to provide protection for the equipment at HIGH CAPACITY Fueling Locations. This includes Mining operations, Marinas, Truck and Bus terminals, off road refueling fuel oil delivery as well as many industrial sites

Nozzle Accessories:
These include Flow Regulators, Maintenance Kit, Replacement Spouts for all standard and diesel nozzles, Conversion Adapters for all three vapor recovery systems, Covers & Replacement Parts.