Fairview Fittings and Manufacturing

Fairview Fittings & Manufacturing Limited started business in 1969. A North America-based company supplying industrial quality fittings, hoses, couplings and controls to distributors and OEM’s in the industrial, hydraulic, automotive, gas, marine and truck and trailer markets. Fairview supplies only industrial quality products designed to stand up to the most rigorous applications

forkliftFairview Fittings & Manufacturing offers over 15,000 active line items of quality industrial products. The breadth and depth of their brass fitting lines are unmatched by any single competitor.

Regular training seminars are conducted for not only their own product but also for products master distributed by Fairview on behalf of other established manufacturers.


M. Carder Industries, Inc.

M. Carder Industries, Inc. began as a family operation , since 1970, and that continues today. We are able to source Swivels, Breakaways and Nozzle, Nozzle parts. The product line has continued to expand and now including Breakaway couplings from ¾” to 3”, Swivels from ¾” to 2”, several models of gasoline nozzles,  diesel nozzles as well as models of high flow nozzles. All parts and products are made in the U.S.A.



Dixon Group Canada Limited

Dixon Group Canada Limited has grown to become a world leader in manufacturing and supplying hose fittings, related accessories and tank truck products to a variety of industries.




Handle-Tech Handles are a ground breaking safety tool for today’s oil and gas industry and the environmental service industry. The easy to use mechanism enables you to clamp onto hose or pipe easily and allows you to safely grip, torque and release single-handledly through a natural fluid movement.

Through mud, cold, rain, or sleet, Handle-Tech’s innovative design allows your workers to safely and efficiently manipulate hoses and pipes in any climate or location.